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How to Expand a Balloon using Soda and Candy! Ages 2 ...

Jun 02, 2018· Be careful to not let any of the candy spill into the soda while you are attaching it. Once the balloon is securely on the soda bottle shake the contents of the balloon into the soda. First we did pop rocks. We used one package of Pop Rocks for the first balloon and two for the second, and the expanded balloons were nearly identical.


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Pop Rocks and Soda Science Experiment – Homeschool Hopscotch

A balloon; Directions. Take the cap off the soda. Pour the packet of Pop Rocks into the balloon. Secure the opening of the balloon to the top of the bottle. Note: Be careful not to let any pop rocks fall into the bottle, yet! Once, the balloon is secured on the bottle, lift the top of the balloon and shake the pop rocks into the soda. Watch as ...

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Plastic Bottle of soda Pack of Pop Rocks or a Box of Wonka Nerds (Either will work fine) Balloon Funnel. Instructions Attach a balloon to the bottom of a funnel. Pour the Pop Rocks or Nerds into the balloon. Carefully stretch the opening of the balloon to cover the opening of the bottle (DO NOT TO SPILL OUT YOUR CANDY).

Pop Rocks and Soda Science Experiment | Science For Kids ...

Sep 27, 2015· Mixing Pop Rocks with soda causes a physical reaction - not a chemical reaction. It is simple! The soda dissolves the candy and dropping Pop Rocks into soda causes the carbon dioxide which is already in the soda (that is what those fizzy bubbles in soda are made of) to release inside inflating the balloon!

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Open the bottle of soda and place the opening of the deflated balloon over the top of the bottle of soda. Make sure that no Pop Rocks fall into the soda when attaching the balloon to the bottle ...

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Jul 26, 2020· Pop Rocks. This April 1978 photo shows packages of Pop Rocks, a carbonated candy that had soared in popularity, even if availability was limited. ... young reveler Christopher Gibbs held a balloon ...

The Resourceful Teacher: Science Experiment

Instead, we used soda and a balloon to represent a human stomach. First we gathered 3 different types of soda: Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite. We made sure we used bottles of soda instead of canned soda. Then we filled 3 different balloons with an entire package of Pop Rocks.

Pop Rocks and Soda Experiment | Study.com

Although the Pop Rocks contain some carbon dioxide, the soda is the main source of carbon dioxide in the balloon. In chemistry, we call the reaction between the Pop Rocks and soda a physical ...

Why Do Pop Rocks Explode When Mixed With Soda? | Sciencing

Pop Rocks, the quintessential candy known for popping and fizzing when placed in your mouth, are an internet video sensation thanks to a science experiment with soda. When Pop Rocks are added to soda in a bottle, the soda shoots into the air like a geyser. Other candies mixed into soda …

Pop Rocks Balloons

Aug 22, 2013· The soda also contains pressurized carbon dioxide gas (it's why we call soda a carbonated beverage). When the Pop Rocks are dropped into the soda, some carbon dioxide is able to escape from the high fructose syrup of the soda and, because the carbon dioxide gas has no where to go in the bottle, it rises into the balloon.

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Pour the Pop Rocks candy into the balloon, through the funnel; Remove the funnel, then stretch the balloon opening over an open soda pop bottle; Lift the balloon to let all the candy inside fall into the soda pop; Watch and enjoy the results of the experiment! After pouring the candy into the soda, the carbon dioxide will be released and begin ...

Diet Coke and Mentos eruption

A Diet Coke and Mentos eruption (also known as a soda geyser) is a reaction between the carbonated beverage Diet Coke and Mentos mints that causes the beverage to spray out of its container. The candies catalyze the release of gas from the beverage, which creates an eruption that pushes most of the liquid up and out of the bottle.

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How does candy blow up a balloon? Niyandria Brown 5th period Nov.19,2014 The Problem Background Research How does candy blow up a balloon? If I pour a bag of pop rocks into a soda with a balloon over it then, the balloon will blow up and expand? Background Research, The Problem,

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Pop Rocks: Carbon Dioxide. Fill a balloon with pop rocks attach to the soda bottle. Once ready drop pop rocks in and watch the balloons fill with CO2!

Chemistry Reflection: Pop Rock and Soda Lab

Mar 17, 2011· Pop Rock and Soda Lab ... Put pop rocks in ballon, place balloon on top of bottle, dump pop rocks, watch automatic infaltion machine work. What was idfferent that the balloon was not filled up with helium like it would be normally, but Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour. These two parts are very different from helium, but are very common and take ...

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Pop Rocks Expander (Candy Science)

That's where the CO 2 in the soda comes into play. The soda, a carbonated liquid to begin with, contains lots of pressurized CO 2. When the Pop Rocks are dropped into the soda, some of the gas in the soda collects in gazillions of bubbles on microscopic nucleation sites …

Pop Rock Balloons: Easy Science Experiment with Candy

Oct 17, 2014· Pop Rocks Soda in plastic bottles (a variety is fun and diet soda works the best) Balloons Funnel Chip clips (optional) Small cups (optional) Tip: You may want to buy extra Pop Rocks for your kids, my kids needed to eat some candy while doing the activity.

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Pop Rock Science Experiment for Kids

Mar 19, 2015· Supplies Needed:. Pop Rocks (1 envelope per bottle of soda + 1 for placebo + one for the kids to taste) Note: We found it easier just to buy them from Amazon as many stores don't have pop rocks in stock any more.; Balloons (1 balloon for each bottle of soda) Soda (1 liter bottle – you may want to try several different ones and have kids hypothesize which one will work best)


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Jun 19, 2013· 1 pack of Pop Rocks 1 liter bottle of Soda Funnel 1 Balloon. The first thing that you do is carefully stretch the mouth of the balloon over the small end of the funnel. Then you pour the entire packet of Pop Rocks into a balloon. Stretch the mouth of the balloon over the opening of a bottle of soda. Carefully keep the pop rocks from spilling ...

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